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Since it's been a while...

1) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
2) Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
3) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
4) Dark Souls
5) Super Mario 3D World
6) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
7) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
8) Mortal Kombat (2011)
9) Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
10) Paper Mario
11) Sonic the Hedgehog
12) Soul Calibur
13) Ultra Street Fighter IV
14) Resident Evil 4
15) Silent Hill 2
16) Super Mario Galaxy 2
17) Super Mario Bros. 3
18) Mario Kart 7
19) Tales of Vesperia
20) Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Since July or so, I've been waking up nearly every day in pain. My eyeball sticks to my eyelid and pulls when I wake up, causing moderate to severe pain. I've had to go to the ER once and have woken up in excruciating pain on several occasions. My vision goes blurry, but usually recovers. However, due to a string of these happening over the last couple of weeks, my vision has remained blurry in both of my eyes. I haven't had a chance to see my optometrist, and won't be able to until December 17th.

My dad and doc think I might be spending too much time behind screens, like my phone, computer, and video games (TV and 3DS). I'm a gaming addict, so it's very hard to pull me away from those.

When I've had it so bad that my eyes could not look in other directions without hurting, I was forced to wear an eyepatch. These days are incredibly boring since there's nothing I can do but nap and rest my eyes. They get better, I play games again, and the abrasions start again until the cycle repeats itself.

I put eye drops in my eyes every day - several times a day - and ointment lubrication covering my lower eyelid every night before I go to bed. These are supposed to keep my eyes moist throughout the night, but I still wake up with stinging pains in my eyes, sometimes before 4 hours of sleep.

My vision now is so bad that I have to increase the size of the text on the screen as large as possible just to see what I'm reading or typing. I can still play video games - since I can still see shapes - but my vision has gotten worse and I'm very blurry. I hope it comes back one day, but without playing games or having much other options due to my poor eyesight, I'm getting worried.

What do you know about this condition and what is out there to try? I'd like to start waking up without these pains anymore and have my vision return someday soon.
I'm 26 and I've been this way for most of my adult life. I've had very limited sex experience with women, largely due to being socially awkward, and as a result of one thing or another, frequently rejected. It's not "oh hey, I got rejected. I'll meet someone else in a month or two." I've gone years without relationships or even dates or hookups. I've only had one actual girlfriend who I dated for four months. We had sex on occasion, but one of the reasons we stopped was because of my fear of getting her accidentally pregnant.

In no uncertain terms do I feel this fear is largely because of my dad's paranoia. He's paranoid, yes, but also thinks very far ahead - sometimes too far ahead, and enough to make the danger outweigh the privilege. Even though I'm an adult, he's never liked it when I took risks, and as a result, that's weighed in on my psyche. I can't be like normal people who have the occasional hookup because I'm just too scared.

I am in absolutely no condition, mentally or financially, capable of raising a child, nor do I intend to anytime soon. I will legally fight it tooth and nail and waive my paternity rights if I can. Having a baby does not interest me. Some people have good relationships and the girl gets pregnant, but the father stays because he loves them. Once again, I've only had one real relationship. I couldn't fathom the fear of getting someone I hooked up with pregnant and them keeping the baby at my expense.

There's always foreplay. True. But even if I use protection, if you look up wikihow, everything from "pre-cum" to not having lubrication can cause the condom to rip and get the woman pregnant. I have serious fear in sex, something I otherwise almost always fantasize about. It's a wonderful feeling, but one that triggers my OCD and makes me paranoid that I somehow maybe accidentally got her pregnant and I won't know for the next few weeks to a month.

The next time I meet a girl, whether she wants me as a boyfriend or for the night, I don't want to get cold feet and run away because what I wanted was stopped because I was too scared to go through with it. Those of you with active sex lives, how do you cope with not getting someone (or yourself) pregnant? What should I do?
I've lived in the south all my life. I've lived in Georgia for nearly 20 years. It feels like 110 degrees outside. The humidity is ridiculous and I can't go outside for a walk or to enjoy exercise without the unnecessary, muggy heat making me sweat for doing almost nothing at all.

Time to move. I'm thinking of looking in places up north, like NY, out west, like Colorado and California, or somewhere in Europe. What do I need to know before checking out a new place to live? I can't do another year of Augusta.
I work part-time in a restaurant and have been there for four years. Since I'm not in school anymore, I feel greatly enabled to work full-time. Meanwhile, my hours have been significantly cut back at my job. On top of that, I'm always the fall-guy there. I used to be really nice to everyone and just did nothing when someone walked on me. I eventually stopped doing that and began barking back at my coworkers who troubled me. That got me in serious trouble, but I still have my job...and now I don't want it anymore.

I don't feel like I get treated with respect there. I was in a relationship with my girlfriend for three months, but we broke up. Girls are hesitant to be around me, yet the "smooth" guys they're always flirting with, and it's a blow to my self-esteem. I struggle with self-esteem issues and depression, and I feel that being in that environment has made it worse.

My hours aren't getting better, my mood only gets worse when I'm there, one of the servers outright refused to serve us when my dad walked in and we were going to have lunch (something we've frequently done since even before I was working there), no one ever invites me to events or parties, yet I'm the first person they go to snap at whenever something's wrong.

I'm well-off enough to cover myself till I find a new, fulltime job. Is there any reason for me to stay there?
I updated my characters in Soul Calibur V, and since I got my Elgato Game Capture HD, I believe it's time I showed you guys some storyline fights!

Durango vs. Dark Durango…

Altiach vs. Vincent…

Hope you guys enjoy. Now to get back to stalling on my paper before this morning when it's due. :sleep:
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